need not be


I'm Eddie Senator
and you'll want me in your corner

I  come from a first generation migrant background. Hard work, dedication and perseverance where lessons taught.

After I graduated as college captain and placed in the top 10% of students, I gained acceptance into the world recognised economics degree at the Australian National University.  In my first year at university my father and other migrant workers lost their jobs.  This sparked my interest in business, insolvency and why, sometimes, businesses fail.  

At the ANU I received a prestigious award in contemporary accounting and business issues for best in class presented by the known Professor A.D Barton.  After gaining some industry experience, I took opportunities with Arthur Andersen, followed by Ferrier Hodgson. I became a registered liquidator in the early 1990’s.

At the same time I launched my own business, specialising in business wellbeing, restructuring, change management and insolvency.

During this time, I took an interest in Indigenous affairs and was instrumental in developing new organisational structures for the delivery of native title services across Australia. These structures and business continue to this very day.

A few years later, Deloitte acquired my business and I was admitted as a partner for 5 years before I returned to the foundations that led to my passion for the industry - working directly with individuals and their hardships in dealing with difficult business situations.

In 2018, I relaunched my private practice with a mission to help people facing difficult business situations, working with business owners, lawyers, and accountants to find the best solution for clients.

At the same time I gained national recognition as a nationally accredited mediator.

Today I continue my commitment to personal development and reimagination of the industry drawing upon over 35 years in business.

I  simplify the difficult to provide clarity and certainty to those in business.